Hemphill Native will Return to Practice Medicine in 2026

Hemphill, Texas — 04/01/2024  Sabine County Hospital (SCH) is thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our medical team, Dr. Spencer Ince, MD, who will be joining us in 2026. This announcement marks not just a significant milestone in our commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services to Sabine County and its surrounding areas but also symbolizes our pledge to the future healthcare and wellbeing of our community.

Dr. Ince, a native son of Hemphill, brings not only his medical expertise but also his passion for family medicine and his deep roots in our community. “My wife Katie and I, along with our two children, are looking forward to putting down roots in the Pineywoods, a place that has always been home to me,” Dr. Ince shared. His return to Hemphill is a homecoming and a promise to contribute to the healthcare landscape of Sabine County profoundly.

Reflecting on his decision to pursue a career in medicine, Dr. Ince remarked, “The pivotal role of healthcare in a rural community like ours cannot be understated. I have always been driven by the impact that comprehensive family medicine can have on the growth and wellbeing of a town.” His journey into medicine was inspired by the unique challenges and needs of rural healthcare, coupled with his deep-seated desire to give back to the community that raised him.

Dr. Ince’s choice to join SCH after his graduation is rooted in his profound appreciation for Hemphill and Sabine County. “After exploring various communities, it became clear that no place matched the need for healthcare and the specialness of Sabine County. Hemphill is not just a place I grew up in; it’s a community I’m deeply connected to,” he explained. His return is driven by a desire to serve and enhance the healthcare offerings in our area.

Sabine County Hospital looks forward to the future with Dr. Spencer Ince on our team. His homecoming in 2026 represents a significant step forward in our journey to provide quality, compassionate healthcare for generations to come. We are not just planning for tomorrow; we are building a legacy of healthcare excellence for Sabine County and beyond.

We eagerly anticipate the wonderful contributions Dr. Ince will make to our hospital and our community.

Spencer Ince

Spencer Ince will return home to practice medicine at Sabine County Hopsital in 2026..

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